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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Why are we still entertaining conversations about whether iP "works"? If you think it does, train it. If you think it doesn't, either find someone good to show it to you or go away. No one here is responsible for proving anything to you. If you care about your training, you will seek out the best teachers. If you don't, why are we talking to you, again?

I love traditional Aikido waza. It's seductive as hell. But having been introduced to a way to make it really work, in all situations, am I going to walk away from it? I don't think so, regardless of what UFC is doing. This is about making my own practice the best I can, regardless of what anyone else is doing. (And aikido waza, so far as i can tell, isn't going anywhere--it's just getting revitalized.)

so do what works for you. iP is a lot of work, and you still have to learn aikido on top of it, so it will never be for everyone. But quit with the spitballs, they're boring. Now excuse me, I have to go stand in the corner for a half hour.

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