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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I was training in Yoshinkan, in Tokyo, when Shioda was alive -
Chris, if you were training Yoshinkan Aikido in Tokyo when Gozo Shioda was alive, I will take your word over most people's. If there was someone credible in BF Illinois I might give it another shot, based on you and Cliff's say so.

Things might be different now if I'd had access to the kind of instruction you have had. But I am still very grateful for my local teachers, Paul Huber Sensei, and his predecessor Kit Hathaway Sensei, who have hammered us for 9 years with rigorously painstaking kihon. Whatever I do with it from here will be better because of it. So to answer the question of the thread, "Technique, IMO".



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