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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Well, you said that you started Yoshinkan nine years ago - and the UFC was around then. You're still left with the same position - how can you demand "scientific studies" when you're coming from something that lacks the same? There are certainly IP folks who have taken it out for a spin - just as you have, you're just assuming that there aren't.
I said the UFC wasn't around when I was young. That is true. But I trained that way as long as it was safe and practical for me. I am also not demanding scientific studies- I am saying I'm not going to train IP unless there's more compelling evidence than people saying if you train long enough with somebody who really knows, you may be able to find some subtle benefit that really can't be evidenced.

This is a discussion forum where people offer their opinions and ask questions. Not a forum where everybody is required to agree with each other. If you don't like my version of the truth, you are free to disagree with me, and I don't mind at all. If you have taken IP for a spin and like it, please continue. My statements are not about your personal choices. They are about mine.
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