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I would agree that not everything that challenges you is antagonistic-- in fact I would even go a step further and say that NONE of the the things that are actually challenging can be. Only attitude can be antagonistic. I love these forums for the communication that comes out of lack of agreement. The above exchange with Bill Danosky is an example. I also love it when Szczepan or Demetrio pipe up. Even with very short posts they express discrete points that further the discussion. Michael, your post #106 looked like you were going to do similar, and I appreciated that.

Loose ends:
1. The context of Bill's question to me in post #102 was the previous 10 or so posts, the underlying theme of which could be summarized, "What is it you guys mean by intent?" You can even see that sentiment in the first sentence of 102 ("You mean 'intent' in the way that..."). So if you look at what I posted in context, it is indeed possible for me to further the conversation by using video of an exemplar. I don't have a video of me right now-- so my choice was to leave Bill's question hanging, or address it partially, and I chose the latter. Actually I think Ikeda's videos that I linked to answer both of the key points of this part of the thread: what is intent (as opposed to ideas dealing with desire and consciousness), and what is "cool" about how you can use it? I don't think my personal abilities are of more important in this particular discussion that answering those two questions. If my abilities were the main point and those other 2 points were not important to Bill or anyone else - then yes, me linking to those 2 videos would quite clearly be worthy of contention.
2. It's not "simple" for me to decide to make a video of something that I am still working on. If I beleive in my work then I won't sell it short by posting a half-assed video of it. If it looks like crap, is it because the concept is not good, or because I did it poorly? It might be more simple to get to that stage if I had a more regular partner practice schedule, or even a partner for a video itself. Or a practice space to use at my leisure. Then yes it might be more simple.
3. I didn't intent post #114 to be cryptic. The question is the first sentence. Two possible answers are provided. I offer one of these as a possibility, but discount it as far as my own practice. I then further emphasize my favored answer by the sentence set apart by blank lines. There is not anything intended to be left unasnwered in that post. I hardly think anyone would want me to be even more verbose than I already am, which is the reason for brevity when I think I can get away with it.
4. Although the rest of #114 is full of verbal irony, I think the information content is basically the same as much of this more verbose post... I'm sorry for expressing attitude when information will do. Does this post make more sense?
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