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When you scratch an itchy nose, the volition to move comes from a different part of the brain, a different brain function, than the conscious mind. The conscious mind catches on after the command to scratch has been fired off, but the micro-second timing of it is so fast that we "think" that we consciously made the decision....Some people suggest that it's mental imagery allowing us to fire off actions, but that's really an extra step, one step removed from the intent/volition itself.
This makes some sense. I am taking it that this is in pursuit of being quicker in your response to an attack. Surely it needs to be balanced against some kind of oversight, though, even if it's just through conditioning because it can be hacked. Let me explain with an example:

My pug totally owns me. She sits next to my chair at the table and begs for food, so I keep a pile of tiny treats and make her sit quietly before she gets one. My wife has noted that Abby can whine and jump up, and if I'm distracted or concentrating on something else, I will dish out without realizing it.

By the same mechanism, if I'm not carefully observing (as opposed to making real time decisions about techniques, which is not optimal) it seems like I'd be vulnerable to mistakes in judgement with fakes, feints or use of force.

Not that we're doomed to make those mistakes, probably something we can train for. What do you think?
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