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A few comments.

1. Your home page footprint is too large. Particularly the logo image in the left which runs 97K by it's animated self, and the kanji gif is 79K. By the way, animation is annoying.

2. I'd kill the frames. I didn't see anything that required them and they tend to react strangely when you deep link to a page.

3. The hit counter could be a Perl script. There's dozens on the net that will do everything this fast counter thing will.

4. "Best Viewed By" is a warning sign that something is wrong in your design. It's like someone screaming, "I DON'T WORK IN MOST RESOLUTIONS". I suspect losing the frames will help you here. Most people surf at 800 X 600 by the way.

PS: Opera at 800 x 600 did not like some parts of your site. Note, I don't change resolutions (most people would not) and I use a non-mainstream browser. Another argument for simple and clean HTML.

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