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Ikeda is using a significantly different direction and body movement when he "succeeds" versus when he "fails."
Yeah, and what is telling him the "right" direction to go in? Prescience? Or does he not have to worry about making the decision because of how he uses his body? If you want to get the direction right every time because you are smart, then fine. I'm dumb so I will use intent to make it easier for me.

There is a sensory aspect to "using ki," which is where the term "ting jin" comes from.

Anyway not only is this off topic (when was the last time we mentioned 6 directions), we're all really sick of people talking about Ikeda's videos so I should shut up, shouldn't I? Everybody here is obviously as good as he is, so why should we discuss videos of exemplars of our training methodology? We should make our own mediocre videos and ignore those who are far ahead of us.
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