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Re: 6 Directions

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
On a side note, I'm really getting tired of people posting videos of Sam Chin and Hiroshi Ikeda in place of their own videos.

We are either going to use video or not. You are posting here and presumably engaging in this practice. If you want to post a video depicting some aspect of your practice, make one of yourself.

A swear some posters on AikiWeb have been trying to make a video for 4 or 5 years and can't seem to get it done. It's so simple these days!
At risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to make sure I understand this...

First, you are chastising posters who admit to their inexperience working with internal exercises for not posting videos memorializing their personal development and struggle. All of which, given your personal antagonistic attitude towards the subject, is likely only to be used as the foundation for non-constructive criticism. And you wonder why posters are not sharing their personal training?

Second, Sam Chin and Hiroshi Ikeda both represent their respective training methodologies for internal strength. You want to see the exercises, methodology and effect of internal training, both of these individuals can demonstrate their respective methods. You may criticize the effectiveness of their methodology in disseminating the skills, evidenced by the lack of students confident enough to put forth a video demonstrating their skills. I am unclear- are you criticizing these individuals because you believe their skills are lacking or because they are not competent to disseminate the skills to their students?

You come across as wanting to see something that is less than perfect. If you want to see internal strength, I think looking at the engineers of the material is the best route.

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