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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Is the white horse a horse? That was a strong debate in Chinese philosophy.
Today what we have is: is there internal strength outside technique and is there technique outside internal strength?
I see an explanation of a unity in movement that separates 2 parts which are different categories, different concepts. They can appear only together but are separate, such as the colour of the horse and the form of the horse.
Internal strength vs technique would have the same meaning as colour vs form.
Ikeda sensei explains that internal strength is aikido technique and ikkyo is movement. He is shifting the logical opposition to another conceptual couple.
All this sums up to helping students but in the end students fight over the help.
In the same perspective, wonder techniques done by some senseis are to me help given to students for them to maintain their enthusiasm. It doesn't mean it is fake. It means students get some help. But again, we fight over the help.
I remember Noro sensei who in the end never did those wonder techniques any more. I could see he could still do them but refrained from acting likewise. Some thought he had lost power or internal strength. Some needed that kind of help.

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