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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

An excellent demonstration of moving beyond technique can be seen in a video with Chef Ramsey visiting a Malaysian woman in her kitchen. He's constantly asking her for measurements, recipes, techniques, etc., and she just replies with, "agak, agak."
Proves my point. She's always going to be cooking Malaysian. (Sure, you can quibble, and claim that this particular Malaysian woman studied in Paris). But suddenly, by accident, you will not see Burmese cooking in her kitchen. She follows the form - my point is that agak, agak is no remarkable deal. My wife just did that with dinner tonight. Each time its a little different, but its all variations on a recognizable theme.

Finally, Ueshiba saved his best stuff for off-camera? Seems really out of character for that egotistic old man. He was only filmed when he was putting on a show. Anyway - although there are accounts of him doing remarkable things (I'm still trying to get an IHTBF of Ueshiba from those who actually felt him), they still were in the framework of aikido technique. For example, Terry Dobson told me that once that he would attack him for real and he tried to knock him out with a punch, and suddenly he found himself in outer space, looking down on the earth, exactly like in the first photos of our globe (well before the astronauts when up) and then he was falling and falling and falling and BANG, he hit the mat, and he saw Osensei looking in his eyes, and Terry saw the look and knew that he knew that he knew! (or something like that). Anyway, that's what he told me he experienced. But he also told me that the throw was a kokyunage (the one with the tai-no-henko, and the upcurved arm under the chin).

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