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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Ellis, you might be making too much out of what "beyond" might mean. And I don't believe anyone is talking "anti-technique."

And obviously anything done by Ueshiba on film is going to be the rudimentary ABC's of his art.

We're all communicating in English here, and most of us are writing and expressing ourselves pretty well. It's all recognizable, using the same 26 letters. No one is suddenly just jbUAS87b eucr9vjcvv2v2ovb2ev fjjf249g - going of crazy apesh*t crazy in some anti-technique language.

There are many techniques in art, language, music, etc.. that once grasped, understood, and internalized, can be discarded like so much unneeded scaffolding.

An excellent demonstration of moving beyond technique can be seen in a video with Chef Ramsey visiting a Malaysian woman in her kitchen. He's constantly asking her for measurements, recipes, techniques, etc., and she just replies with, "agak, agak."

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