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I get that. The issue I'm speaking to is, that thing that sparks the desire is the influence of the environment (or some unknown force). Let's say it's a guinea pig. Some people eat them. Some people pet them, some people hate them. Those people likely think they made those decisions, but it's much more likely they didn't.

But here is an important consideration- Go back to the test. Tell your subject, at a moment of your choosing, grab the coffee, pet the Guinea Pig or whatever. They are going to decide when. And they will- after they reach.
I get what you're saying. However, what we're discussing is the use of desire-intent to willfully initiate a specific kind of internal action, in this case for martial application. We're not talking of a subjective desire, but of awareness that we are intentionally using "intent" to do certain kinds of work within our bodies. IOW, "desire-intent" is a tool we use to achieve a specific thing.
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