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What I'm saying is that so many components are already layered into the spherical force field structure thingy (relaxing, jin, body connections, change management against progressive loads, presumably dantian, etc.) as part of the overall equation that I find it may be challenging for people to understand the basic peng jin component well enough to do the raw work it takes to rewire themselves to move appropriately with just jin (and I know there are many applications of jin but there's just one jin - the application of the qi of earth). Anyways, more cautionary than me trying to accurately describe what you're doing since I only met you once like six or seven years ago. But some others I've met in the interim seem to get stuck on stretching their center out in so many directions that the purity of the ground strengths gets misplaced. Which is a different problem than some others have where they're trying to reach out with their middle in a way that it is given up.
Yes, it's a lot of "stuff" both to comprehend and to be able to do, and especially to sustain for extended periods. That's why the entire process should be broken down into its components, and each element worked individually, from the "ground, up" and then incorporated and worked together. Sam Chin has done this with his approach to internal development in I Liq Chuan (I have never seen a system more painstakingly analyzed and parsed out into step-by-step training!), and Dan Harden also has exercises that address the different qualities and concepts so students can incrementally build upon them.
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