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Re: What is hip

Christian Winding wrote: View Post
I'm an aikido-ka from Copenhagen, Denmark with 25 years of experience in karate and only 3 years in aikido.
I am happily married to the mother of our two daughters of 17 and 21 years. They are not into aikido. "Old mans hobby" as they say. My wife understands me better. She did karate too, but has now devoted herself to yoga.
I am a teacher and teaches gymnastics and psychology in a "second chance school".
My sensei, Ethan Weisgard, recomended Aikiweb to me as being the forum to get answers to my concern:
My hip is singing its last song. Within 1-3 years I shall have a hip replacement. In karate there are many people who returns to their karatepractise after having one, even two hipreplacements with little or no problems. Some of them continue to kick high others do not.
I have not yet found any body in aikido with a hipreplacement, and therefore i have no info.
Are there anybody out there on Aikiweb who can ease my worries: how about breakfalls on a new hip. Is that a no-go or can it be done?
Looking forward to hearing from the aiki-world.
Hi Christian,
I know of two guys [Hans Hopp , Chris Moooney [shihan]who have had hip ops.They still practice but they try and avoid ukemi. I would advise going easy on the hip.For myself I am having pain on right hip, so I usually go easy on the breakfalls. Check to see if the need a fulll hip replacement or simply a partial op.Birmingham in the U.K. is good.A Dr Mc Minn , read up on him on the net for further info. Cheers, Joe.
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