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Cool years...

Hey joeysola,
As an Aikidoka, I would like to say that you must first inform yourself about things before affirming truths about them. Many have responded to your original post, some in more friendly ways than others, but all with a common point: Aikido works. You might someday have the pleasure of finding that out. There are X number of justifications and techniques to prove these statements, but the most convincing arguement comes in the form of experience, which you need, which you donīt have. Aikido encompasses many teachings.

You said you were looking to find ANOTHER art, well, if you had been in your own long enough, you might have learned that ALL arts have their strong and weak points and you might also have learned not to offend others. You might also have learned that NHB isnīt real life and you might also have learned that itīs unwise to bash people, their arts, their beliefs, etc, especially if you consider training with them in the near future. It seems you still have much learning to do not only in martial arts (which youīve made painfully clear), but also in the subtleties of inter-personal relations and expression of your opinions. Life has many lessons to teach you, maybe you could even learn some of them here. You would be welcome in the Dojo of any of these posters no doubt. I urge you to find out for yourself if Aikido or your approach to life really WORKS.

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