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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

Where the technique discussion is somewhat relevant (not martial arts waza necessarily) in Internal Strength training is to do with how you're tricking the body into starting the rewiring that's necessary move with the correct strength, relaxed but connected body. The visualization tricks can help, as well as some basic postures and structural drills for light pressure testing until someone senior and skilled enough can confirm that you've gotten the basic body vocabulary and articulation necessary for further self study.

But it's a package deal - the "techniques" so to speak, will not grant you internal strength solely through repetition. Manifesting the correct intention into physical action is the "art" you're chasing with regard to ground/gravity strengths and body connectivity and once you start to grokk to it then it's using the techniques at your disposal to condition the hell out of the strengths and build your skill with practice.
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