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Re: 6 Directions

In any case, it's germane to the conversation, and I hope, isn't too big of a thread hijack. The value of Mu Shin becomes the topic, I suppose. My currently favored practice follows the Bhagavad/Bagger method- Drill the techniques until you are executing them optimally, or "master the strokes" in golf parlance. Then study the tactics and strategy. Then consider the wisdom of applying it, then transcend the process through detachment.

So drill, drill, drill the kihon. Get it perfect. Think about what makes sense to use in Jiyu Waza, and work that all out. But when you get up there, don't think about it. Concentrate on observing.

This is what I get from what we're discussing. For many years, I've said, "My Aiki brain doesn't do sequence." I'm closer than ever to understanding what I mean.
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