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Re: 6 Directions

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Here at 8:44 O-is Sensei dropping someone with just a push to the chest. Then he sits on his head. I don't think that part is demonstrating aiki.
The former is easy to understand physically. The latter is just plain funny...

O Sensei has his hand descending as in a cut -- that happens to intersect the front of uke, causing him to be displaced slightly to the rear at the apex of the arc (you can see his stance shift) at this point. At this point his structure is pressed into O Sensei's hand (Ki-musubi) and the moment of his whole structure is poised in a potential rotation toward O Sensei, pressed against his hand.

Simultaneously, at the apex, the motion along the arc instantaneously changes sign from outward and down to INWARD and down,(in-yo transition) That is the along same rotation uke is poised to follow anyway. He cannot quickly enough reorient balance voluntarily to counter what his body is already doing reflexively, both because the change of sign is hardly perceptible until too late, and because it simply allows his reflexive action to follow its natural course and so provokes no reaction.


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