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To take your points in order--differentiate pulling silk from reeling silk. Pulling silk is Chinese terminology for 6-directions, so far as I can tell. Reeling silk is pulling silk in movement. In practice this generally turns into spirals because that's the best way for a human body to manifest in/yo everywhere. But there's a lot more subtlety there, and a number of different models for how to move the body, so once you start moving there's no simple equivalence in the different terminology.
i thought the pulling silk and reeling silk thingy were from the chen and yang taiji war. the chen guys said their stuffs were reeling silk. the yang guys said we pulled silk. of course we all know that back in the old days (new days too) that women lingerie made out of silk (men too because some of us like the smoothneess). of course, after the yang guys got slap a bunch of time by women out shopping at the market, they changed their tune. now they said they are reeling silk too. i remembered Sigman explained the whole reeling silk in the single arm waving thingy (similar to the queen thing but less aristocratic) which comprised of up, down, away from you, and toward you. didn't understand it at the time, but then one day (it was a bitter cold winter day in hell and they were serving kimchi with grits!) things just clicked and i understood it. don't ask me to explain it, but i can show you in person; only take about 5 min, more or less, a bit less than more, but more than most.

btw, don't ever jumping on a bed covered with silk sheets, wearing silk pajamas. you would slingshot yourself right off and get hot wax from candles that you setup for a romantic evening. damn hot wax!!

I also wouldn't attempt to assign "jin" to any simple Japanese or Aikido concept. The Chinese are systematizers in a way the Japanese are not, and there's a million different types of jin. Peng jin comes pretty close to 6-directions and chan si jin is close to spiraling, but I don't know enough to about the Chinese models to say if it's an exact match. I'm quite sure Sensei showed you spiraling.
When Ikeda sensei said "line", interpret that as "jin". also, there can be only one "jin". i always enjoyed the highlander movie. it's great that guys can walk around wearing school girl mini-skirt. and if you have problem with that, they would take off your head.

As to your last point, yes, I think this all is very much what Tohei was getting at with "keep one point." But how? What does that mean? How do you work on it? Turns out there is a history and methodology around that.
ya. it called silk reeling. it's the damn silk stuffs. did you know that deep fried silk worms are very tasty, a bit crunchy, with nutty flavor?

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