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Keith Larman
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Re: When Sensei denies pomotion because of spouse?

Um, well, ranking issues are near the very bottom of my checklist of "is this a good place to train at". Of course if it is a swirling cesspool of intrigue and violence surrounding outrageous political bickering over rank, well, that's not exactly my idea of fun either. But that said, I train to train. If they've got stuff I want to learn and I'm learning it, hey, I'm there.

If it's important to you or if it's too distracting, go somewhere else. Just try to keep in mind why you're there in the first place. The petty crap happens everywhere, all the time, and for all sorts of reasons. You'll be lucky to find a place where there isn't some silliness going on somewhere -- it's human nature. Mix in authority, responsibilities, then all the hero worship that tends to come with martial arts and you'll likely find some issues most anywhere.

In the end what choices do you have? Leave, stay, find something else. Make a list, check it twice, and do what you need to do. It ain't rocket science... Just make sure you're staying/going for the right reasons. And that's up to you to figure out.

Best of luck...

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