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Dear Cady,
Pray tell me what is /where is the kuas? I have tried to get a definition of this phrase on the net-no luck.Chinese is not my forte[except on a Chinese Restaurant menu].Same with the word Peng.It would seem that Peng equates with or is power generated by correct use of the seika tanden/hara/tantien.????
Perhaps the concept might be related to Kokyu Ryoku? Any answers would be welcome preferably on a twenty dollar bill. Have a niceday, Joe
Hi Joe,
The "kua" is the area of the femoral joint, where the femur head rests within the pelvis. More specifically, it includes the muscles and connective tissues the surround the hip, and also the inguinal fold -- the visible crease along either side of the groin.

"Peng" is conceptually the quality of "fullness" that is created through manipulation of the body structure -- you're essentially making yourself into a "sphere" of outward-projecting force from your entire body. Yes, the tanden/dantien is involved, along with the meimon/mingmen. And all of the work of extending the spine, "rounding" the body to create a non-breaking arc-like path for force direction, are part of the process of creating and maintaining that state of peng.

In many contemporary aikido schools, it's that essence of "peng" that is missing from kokyu-ho type exercises, where you're in seiza with your partner holding your wrists down. Instead of muscle strength and tricks of timing to unbalance the partner, it should be peng, as expressed in aiki-age, doing the work.

Hope that helps. Sorry it's in electronic writing rather than on paper currency.
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