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Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Joe, I am sorry for your loss.
Dear Mary,
Thank you for your comment.Should you look in Facebook you will see that Murashige Sensei was much loved by all who knew him.There is a also a clip of him practicing , posted by a fellow aikidoka called Paul Robinson. Murashige Sensei had a unique style.He was a small man who had a big presence.Always quiet , cheerful and without ego.An example to all.He assisted Chiba Sensei for many years at San diego Aikikai ,where I first met him.His Aikido was entirely different from Chiba Sensei.I later said to Chiba Sensei'Where did you meet this guy?His aikido bears no resemblance to yours' Chiba Sensei gave a smile and rep lied, 'Thats why he is my assistant'.
Everybody liked MurashigeSensei.Every class was started by suwariwaza Ikkyo.The video clip shown on Facebook [Sensei is doing Shiho Nage and attacks to the knee is a clip from my aikido dvd collection] .As I said yeserday , it was a sad day and I found myself nearly weeping for the loss of this man and my thoughts go out to all his family. Cheers, Joe.
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