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Re: Don't Miss This!

I had similar feelings to the first part of your post about seeing one of O'Sensei's direct students. My teacher was very intent on my getting to see him and for me the effort required in order to do so was monumental and seemed like it was impossible so I honestly just told myself that it would be okay if I never got the opportunity to see him in person. because there are so many great teachers students of his, that I have gotten and will get to see and learn from. And I won't really know what I have missed.

Well, with a lot of help, obstacles were overcome. It wasn't a small or easy thing for me to be able to get there but that weekend with Mitsugi Saotome is something that I will not forget. I am quite sure that it changed some things for me although I don't yet quite understand what or how.

For me the take home lesson was, when your teacher says to you, "don't miss this" you really want to pay attention and do whatever it takes within your power to be there. If you do miss it, well yeah you might never know what you missed, and that would be a shame.

We are the next generation. It is something that ought to be taken seriously.

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