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Re: What Aikido waza are you practicing for bad guys?

You may just be noticing the big differences between styles that come into light here on Aikiweb. Yoshinkan Aikido, as an example, is dramatically different in it's focus from many other styles. We are very technique oriented, and obsessive about form. Technique X = Step 1, step 2, step 3, and so on. Exactly like this, every single time. Perfect kamae. Posture = power. A certain pivot might be 95 degrees; not 100. You see where I'm going. Less of an emphasis on movement, more on optiming every step. Kancho was like that. His transitions were sometimes described as "explosively locking into position."

Our ukemi is different, too. When someone is learning a technique, Uke may be largely making the movements for Shite. Less so, as it's committed to memory and Shite is polishing his or her execution. By the time we're just drilling it, Uke is not giving anything away. It's fun. My 24-year-old, ni kyu son and I absolutely crush each other, and laugh about it like idiots.

I have never trained in an MMA gym where anybody was trying to break anyone's arm (or neck). It definitely shouldn't be happening in an Aikido dojo. I happen to like the 200 pound gorillas, but they should know the difference between training, jiyu waza and randori. Or learn it the hard way.
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