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Zoe S Toth
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Re: changing aikido styles (rant)

Hi OP!

I'm from a no-atemi dojo and we have quite a few travelers pop in. One in particular had the same issues you seemed to be having. He was about a sandan, although he hadn't ranked in a while due to the military moving him around a lot. Eventually, our sensei (I'm lucky to have a shihan) took him over and work him to death more or less by letting our visitor reall take a swing or two at him.

We always feel bad for the poor folks who try to throw a real attack at a perceived opening at Sensei.

No-atemi styles, like you mentioned, HAVE to be good a taking balance. At the lower levels though, they do leave openings. If they are like our dojo, they also want to focus on one technique and then later deal with changing things up to deal with sneaky ukes.

You failed to mention what type of teachers you have at this new place. If it's a high rank person, see if you can get them into a high energy free attack. You'll know quickly if they are all fluff or not. If it's a lower ranked person and you don't feel you are getting your time's worth go elsewhere.
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