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Re: How respectful is the atmosphere in your dojo?

Do you really mean respectful or do you mean formal?

They are not the same.

The atmosphere in my personal dojo is fairly informal, although we do bow in and out, and bow to one another when we begin and end kata. We laugh, talk, tell jokes, sometimes cuss, and test one another constantly.

I also sometimes allow my children onto the mat even during adult class as long as they are respectful, don't interrupt, and remain out of the danger zone, but if they begin testing those rules, they have to leave immediately.

I consider it a respectful environment, although I occasionally wish for a little more formality and a nicer looking dojo (it's been stuck in mid-remodel for years due to lack of funds).

I know that how I run my dojo would be considered disrespectful to the art by some in other parts of the aikido world, but I am not accountable to them, only to my teacher, my students, and myself. Except as a curiosity, I don't really care how other people run their dojo unless I am visiting and need to know in order to be polite.


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