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My general rule of thumb is to tell people to not attack with more energy than there willing to take a fall from. If you attack fast and hard there's a better chance of hitting the floor fast and hard. If your ukemi isn't up to it I'd say stick with the slower attacks.

some of them were gentle, kind (due to my begginer condition) but yet they were COMMITED
Absolutely! A commited attack doesn't need to be fast. It has to have intent and direction. I tend to have beginners work on finding the blend. I'll give an attack where the direction of intent is pretty easy to find. If they blend with with that then I move. If they stop moving I stop moving. As long as the lead is maintained we continue until we, hopefully, have something resembling a technique. As ukes skill increases I try to make finding and keeping that blend and lead more difficult, eventually getting to the point of actively trying to reverse the technique.

To start I'd say pretty much go with it. You just started learning the alphabet, don't try to write any novels yet


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