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Re: does nikyo hurt?

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
It isn't about techniques for me. It is movement principles, and applied physics... I can tell you that it is important in my line of work to let technique flow from my need to get control over the overall situation.
That makes perfect sense. It's Mu Shin. As Bruce Lee said, "The biggest inhibitor to proper physical performance is the consciousness of self." That means the part of your brain that thinks about what to do next can't possibly keep up with what's going on. IMO, training hard, the way you're going to do it in real life is the only way to have it RELIABLY flow out in ways that are appropriate. Then your mind can get out of your body's way while it's taking care of business. And by that, I (as a Yoshinkan practitioner) mean using waza because it's the optimal execution of the movement, or we'd teach it differently.

So I'm essentially agreeing, if I understand what you're saying. But with one caveat- If you're training techniques, you're using techniques. Well or poorly, not to say it isn't effective either way.

I have some basis for saying that- I worked in prisons for 5 years. It was about like what you do, but almost everybody's bigger, stronger and meaner than you (me, I mean). And generally sober, but just as pi$$ed.
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