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I recorded this fall last year before I started doing any of the IP stuff - we were still ground pathing more that anything in this video. This was the progeny of a summer with some aikido people who were getting gooey. Its possibly difficult to tell, but all of the waza was instigated with a torifune movement, recession of the shoulders, expansion in the joints (active muscles, but not flexed), extended spine and the feeling of "sitting back onto a stool". Yes, we were putting some serious pressure into each other. We changed things significantly since getting into the Aiki/IP research, but this is a good example of what we were doing during our "groundpathing external structure conversion" period.
how many times do i have to tell you that you can't manifest aiki/ip in 6 directions wearing aikido outfits? you just can't do it. it has to done with leotard. i just have to show you when i get to Atlanta. Also, your uke tanked for you. tell him, when i get there, i'll kick his other leg.

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