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Re: 6 Directions

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A video clip of someone working the "6 directions" would look like someone just standing there.

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If a partner were to push on the stander.... on the chest, on the back, on either shoulder, on a hip... what the viewer would see is the stander not budging or showing any signs of imbalance. And if the stander were to return the pusher's energy to him, you would see a person standing still, but the pusher getting popped or bounced back.
That's something I can relate to. We have always done a lot of these types of exercises as part of Ki development work. We practice this stuff both stationary and in motion; the motion being both with feet not moving and the feet free to move about. Moving with stationary feet while being pushed gives rise to some interesting configurations of posture in which stability and balance must be maintained.

When returning energy to the pusher, the result is more akin to like poles of two bar magnets being brought together, repelling rather than popping or bouncing.

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It wouldn't be very instructive in terms of how things are happening, though certainly the effects would interest people or cause them to say "That's fake!"
It ain't fake, it's good management of connection.


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