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Hi Ron,
Not sure what you'd expect to see in a clip. Do you ever get to Boston?
Actually Cady there's a lot that can be gleaned by just watching someone move. You have on more than one occasion referenced Sam Chin as good source material, so I looked him up on youtube and watched some of his clips. While what he's demonstrating isn't Aikido by any stretch, I can see that his power, stability, balance etc. are generated and maintained via a tight degree of mind/body coordination. That tells me that what we are discussing in the Internal Training in Aikido forum transcends any particular style.

I have also watched clips of Gleason and Ikeda and have experienced what George Ledyard has been working on first hand. Taking what I have seen and felt back to my own study of Aikido, I see many points in common even though the training methodologies may be different.

The highest level Aikido senseis I have had hands on experience with (S. Maruyama, S. Imaizumi and the late K. Toyoda) have all demonstrated what you would call IP/IS to a high degree. I know for a fact that Maruyama never went "outside" Aikido and surmise that Imaizumi and Toyoda both stayed within the fold also (tho' I'm open to correction there).

So while I'm not interested in taking up another art at this stage of my training I am mildly curious to observe what you folks do for exercises if only to see how they relate to what I'm doing within my own art.


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