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Re: Unethical Sensei

Ok, answer this question first, please. Is English your native language? Oh, and is this problem really happening to someone you know, or are you trying to work your stuff out through a hypothetical proxy? You are not consistent with describing the problem, and that makes it sound like you are trying to cover something up. That wont help you fix your problem. Yes, it is your problem, you are bringing it the internet.

Yes, I will be correcting you. I am advocating that you either step up and deal directly with your problems with this person, or you get him professional help. What you are doing right now is wringing your hands and spreading someone you care about's dirty laundry around the aikido community. That is not cool.

You need to be clear what, exactly, you think sensei's/friend's/your actual ethical problem is. Is it the alcohol, the hurting someone, the withdrawing from aikido? Is it a habitual thing, or an isolated incident? Are the problems recent, emergent, or in the past? Is it something you can do anything about? Is it a problem you need to do something about?

Yes, I think that getting into someone else's personal life is wrong somehow. And I think it is somehow right and necessary sometimes. Intervention is fraught with all sorts of danger. Posting here is not intervention.

I expect that someone with aikido experience will learn to choose their battles. You are right in the middle of getting that lesson, and you have several people here who are telling you that you are on the edge of some big mistakes. You really want to get your story straight and clear before you start asking for strangers' advice.

Well, it is a good thing that you are not in the same room as I am, then. Dont like the answers to the questions you ask? Ask different questions, or, just maybe, learn from the answers you are given. I'm not sorry that I am not coddling you about this garbled, unintelligible problem you have dumped here, and I have no idea why you would be ashamed about the things I say. Why bother with forgiveness? Is it a sin on my part to tell you what I think?

We're all busy rescuing our own sensei... Good thing the martial arts masters have all these students to save them from themselves.

So you got what you came for, I'm curious to know what that is.

So, correct me if I am wrong KRYSTAL.

You expect me to stick my head in the sand?

You are of the think, getting into one's personals life uninvited is wrong somehow?

I'm ashamed to be in the same room as you K. I'll be leaving very soon, not because of my shame, but because most here are not willing to help a fellow Sensei.

I forgive you, for myself.

I did receive what I came here to get, so this Forum served it's purpose.

If any one here would like to converse further or in the future write:

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