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Re: Unethical Sensei

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So, correct me if I am wrong KRYSTAL.

You expect me to stick my head in the sand?

You are of the think, getting into one's personals life uninvited is wrong somehow?
Sticking my oar in here -- when someone is engaged in self-destructive behavior (for example, substance abuse), and does not acknowledge the problem/is not seeking help, there's an action that can be attempted, called an intervention. There are mental health professionals who participate in this forum and who can speak much more knowledgeably about interventions (my only knowledge is the hard-knocks kind you get from participating in them), but I think I'm correct in stating the following about interventions:
  1. An intervention is done by friends, family and (possibly) other people who have some kind of personal connection with the affected individual. That connection is essential; an intervention can't be done by strangers.
  2. The goal of an intervention is not to fix the affected individual's problem, but to convince them to seek help in fixing it. Other people cannot fix these problems; the affected person must do the fixing, others can only support.

No one "expects" you to do anything, or to not do anything. If you believe an intervention is called for, I'd suggest learning all you can about how to conduct a successful intervention, and enlist the help of others who also have a personal connection to this individual. That would give you the best chance for success at what you claim you want to accomplish.

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I'm ashamed to be in the same room as you K. I'll be leaving very soon, not because of my shame, but because most here are not willing to help a fellow Sensei.

I forgive you, for myself.
That's the most maladroit attempt at child psychology and emotional blackmail that I've seen in some time.