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Re: Beginner question

Judd Mercer (Judd) wrote:
I noticed that the "attacks" from other students were very gentle. I realize that it was my first class, and was simply wondering if this is because I'm a beginner
Hi Judd!

I'm also a begginer too. I've been attending clases for two months and on my first class that happened to mee also. The first students I practiced with were very kind and guided me from the begining. Since I'm the newbie, whenever we start practicing a technique, I'm the one that plays uke at first.

Since we sit in the dojo in order from experience, the first technique, you always end up with somebody with more rank.
(no one wants to hurt me) or because everyone else is also beginners (lack of confidence, experience, etc). I was actually trying to give bearhugs and pull people down while practicing techniques (not full force, but I was trying to create some realistic momentum and force). Was that wrong?
At least in my clases, we start with the "standard" attacks ( I know there's no standard attack in real life...) katate dori, shomen uchi, shokomen uchi...whenever the technique that's beeing shown is used for that kind of attacks. I try to give the same attacks, since if you give that kind of realistic attack (bear hug, tackle...or anything) I belive that nage:

1) Should apply a different technique that the one you're practicing at that time

2) If it's a newbie as you he wouldn't know how to react...
Should I be gentle in the beginning, or rather, match my fellow students? Does everything get "more serious/real" as time progresses, or is it a individual development thing? No one really said how hard to do things, so I'm just wondering.

As I started changing partners during practice I found some of them were gentle, kind (due to my begginer condition) but yet they were COMMITED, and applied certain strenght to their wrist grabs or shomen uchi attacks...just to show the intention.

Maybe the other members of the forum can give you more insightful reply...

Take this one from a begginer as you are.

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