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Re: changing aikido styles (rant)

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Does anyone have any experience with changing styles, either from hard to soft or vice versa? Or even just comments about moving to a new dojo?
I've changed several times. It has been by my choice (as I would clarify what I wanted to focus in on training), rather than having to based on geography, so mostly there were things in the new dojo that I knew I WANTED. Even so, in each new dojo there have also been unforeseen things that were done differently and that required me to go though a process of adjustment - sometimes including feeling negative or critical - but just as even in the most successful long term marriage no one person can meet every single one of another person's needs, I figured out so too in a dojo. If the good stuff makes it overall worth training, internalize the things you miss from the old dojo so you can accept them as part of YOU without expecting your new dojo to honor or value them.

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