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Re: does nikyo hurt?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
i had folks cranking on my wrist, elbows and so on. some even tore my shoulder. but folks did that, never got my center. then there are folks whose nikkyo and sankyo so gentle that you just have no choice and your center broken the whole time.. i really don't care for folks who crank on my wrist with both of their hands which allow me to drop fast and go for groin shot or kick to their knees.
You come up with some gems.

Ankle pick is a great counter for a sloppy Nikkyo, too. Takes the pressure off and works like a charm. You just fake like it worked and stand back up with his foot in your hand. Or a handful of dogi cuff.

Anybody ever do a Shiho Nage on someone's leg? Never seen it done, but that might be a good time.
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