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Re: changing aikido styles (rant)

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Do you always see things in such a binary fashion? Only with such a view could you claim that I "basically stated" that you were "freeloading".

And yes, emotional support from a partner is "hardly unusual". I'm still wondering if your partner moved to another continent with you, and what she/he gave up to do so. I have no wish to particularize this to your situation, but you interjected yourself into the discussion with a set of claims that I can't address without particulars. Perhaps your partner gave up a career, educational path, a community with important amenities (for example, good educational facilities, decent access to child-care, etc.) or proximity to friends and family. Or perhaps your partner stayed behind and was deprived of your presence. You may disagree, but I think that those things are substantial -- and such a supportive partner is a substantial and valuable resource that not everyone has. ....

I stand corrected. I thought you were getting in a huff; now I see that instead, you're trying to pick a fight.
This is going way off topic. I"ll just quote (again) your inaccurate dismissal of those of us who made the effort to travel long distances to pursue training opportunities:

"Certain people live in the lucky circumstances of great freedom combined with no responsibilities. These people tend to benefit from the efforts of others (parents who let them live at home, a working spouse/partner, a friend who lets them couch-surf indefinitely). "

I've no desire to give out personal information on a public forum. I'll just say that the previous quote didn't apply to me or most of the people I met who had relocated to train in aikido/budo. We worked, supported our families and paid our taxes/bills while pursuing our budo training. That's all you need to know.

BTW, this is the reason why I "interjected" myself into this discussion. If you're going to make inaccurate generalisations, people you are referring to will probably "interject" in order to call you on it.

Your final line is just stirring the pot IMO,so I"ll bow out of this discussion now.
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