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Re: When Sensei denies pomotion because of spouse?

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I just feel like maybe more options would be open to me if I could get my black belt... ?? Maybe we could just go start our own club at a college, try to get the support of our affiliation some how? Not sure.
If you are interested in teaching perhaps you could discuss with your Sensei that you would like to start your own club at a college (or community center or whatever) and see if they will support you in that endeavor now, even before your formal promotion. ie. provide you a letter of reference vouching your qualification to teach, work with you on teaching skills, perhaps a timeline for promotion. If you are teaching on your own for a while it may also be easier for your sensei to promote you (or maybe not - some people are stuborn). You know the players & whether it is feasable and desireable to do this. For example, would they want to interfere with the way you would want to run things.

There is a concern that the promotion problem is the tip of the iceberg that has caught your attention, but there is more of problem you don't see and maybe it is best to just change direction by voting with your feet as other suggest - start your own club or join a different marital art. I'd encourage you to also visit other non-aikido schools and see what they do and what kind of people attend & teach. There are many great things to learn so you shouldn't feel Aikido is the only game worth playing.
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