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Re: changing aikido styles (rant)

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you only know where uke is coming from if you don't do jiyu waza, and if you don't have an uke who tries to get you when you screw up.
I agree that jiyu waza (any attack, any technique) is an excellent practice and we do it a lot at the end of the class.

most of the time, the attack and technique are known in advance because instructor demos it and everybody is simply repeating. So under such conditions, where attacker is giving his body in overcommitted attack, hitting him heavily should be considered as a cheap shot.

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As for the distance not being important...!
Must be nice, having all the time in the world and no other obligations.
Well, once in my life I saw a sensei I wanted to learn from, so I moved from Europe to North America to be able to practice with him. So yes, distance is not important, what is important are you serious about the aikido training.


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