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Re: changing aikido styles (rant)

To give a little bit of credit on the side of a misunderstanding, I wouldn't say the distance comment was so much ridiculous as it simply demonstrated a massive misunderstanding of the geographic size of cities in the US versus other countries. Personally I drive about 120 miles one way to get to one class a week (Yes, I drive about 4 hours round trip to attend a 2 hour Aikido class), and 180 miles to get to my other dojo for a Saturday morning class. This is because I live in a very rural community in the US. I think it is safe to say that most of my friends who live in Europe are constantly amazed by this, and they consider 30 miles to be an extremely long commute on any kind of regular basis. If the geographic distance to the dojo was holding you back and you were fretting over a dojo 10 miles away versus one that was 5 miles away, I can see where someone might think you weren't dedicated.

For the OP, while I think the idea of regular attendance at one dojo and mat fees at another might be a good idea, I'd ask you to rethink which one will be getting regular attendance. The closer one is going to be much easier to work into your schedule, but you also need to ponder what kind of habits you are going to be taking home with you. If the instructor that you most want to emulate is farther away, you might want to consider going to that one at least half of your available time. The fact of the matter is, you are going to reflect the style that you spend most of your time training.


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And this bit...

Other criteria such as distance to the dojo are no relevant. If however the distance to the dojo is important to you, it means that your interest to aikido is superficial and we can't really discuss here more about it.

... is absolutely ridiculous.

You're not helping; you're only muddying the water of what is otherwise a very useful thread, relevant to a lot of aikidoists' experience, including mine.
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