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Re: Aikijujutsu, a new style?

John Robinson wrote: View Post
Much the same as I recently posted on Jorgen's grading thread, I just wanted to wallow a little bit in the splendor of the fact that I have recently won my wife and step-daughters visas from Kenya to live with me here in the UK. This has been a journey which has taken the better part of thirteen years, And seen me spend four long term stays in secure hospitals ranging anywhere from two months too twenty four. But Now I have done it. Earlier this year i won and graded in my 5th kyu for aikido yellow and red in judo .6 kyu. I have also restarted my ba degree part time, which i hope to finish in 4 years, with either a 2.2 or ideally a 2.1 After that i would like to continue with further post graduate study. Possibly. I would also like to continue my martial training in Aikido and Judo training. It almost feels like Aikido is training for the marathon, whereas Judo is going for the sprint. And after my above mentioned aiki skills, I can topple most of the black belts in the class with a simple nage on many occasion, but I'm still getting a feel for it. As indeed i am the aiki. To be honest with you, if i had it my way, i would combine the randori of judo class with the waza, ma ai and philosophy of aikido to create my own aiki-judo. But then presumably i will need to hit shodan or at least first kyu in both of these styles before i would even be considered by the world affiliates martial council, for registration of this style. Not to mention I might need to look at the karate aspects of this new direction, just to add some salt to this spice which I have recently concocted. So come on Aiki web, what do we all think? Yay or nay?!?!
Hi John,
Are you winding the readers up? 5TH Kyu Aikido / 6th Kyu in Juddo??? You say you topple most of the Dan grades in the class?? Either your someone special or the Dan grades are poor.
Your skill levels quite frankly are hardly developed , yet you want to create your own budo?
How can you create a new budo when you hardly know or have any knowledge of either of the arts you list??Maybe after many years of solid training in both arts you might just might develop something.My advice learn the basics .Get real. Cheers, Joe.
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