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Re: When Sensei denies pomotion because of spouse?

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If it's all true, it sounds quite unprofessional. Are you learning stuff, though? Enough to put up with a bunch of politics and unprofessional behaviour? Is the training and atmosphere otherwise good? Or not?

In the end it's basically your decision: for you, do the pros of continuing to train there outweigh the cons, or not.

Personally I would be inclined to just roll my eyes at the promotion politics and otherwise ignore it, but this would be the much bigger deal to me:

But everyone has different feelings for which things they can put up with and which they can't. There's not necessarily a 'right answer' - it's a personal decision for you.

(Incidentally, your math doesn't add up -- there are only 365 days in a year. But whatever, a typo, we get the general idea)
Yes sorry, not really a typo, just an under estimation of how long it has been since my 1st kyu test...maybe 4-5 years now ?? Either way, it has been a while. I had enough days to test within a year of training.

I learn stuff when the sensei teaches, and I love their classes. I learn little in the spouse's classes, because again the guy hasn't trained since passing shodan...which is many many years ago, so he pushes a lot of things that many students (including sensei) don't agree with on a technical level. But we indulge it because of the relation to sensei. I can train good when the guy just lets us train. But if he's in a bad mood it is a very tedious class involving a lot of sitting and listening to his philosophies and not training much. I think maybe if people don't train for years they partake in a lot of intellectualizing and not a lot of real practice? I don't know, either way, practice is good when he allows it or when the sensei or other instructors are teaching. But he's always there...always yelling pointers from off the mat in other people's is annoying. It was easier not to get annoyed by it all when I didn't know I was being kept from testing because of this guy! He was just the joke in the dressing room the joke is sort of on the students. I've just been rolling my eyes at it all for the time being. I had no issue with testing late...just a bit dismayed to find out the reason is all. It sort of tells me that hard work doesn't matter in our school. Finding political short cuts around working hard is all that is needed to gain rank.

I'm not 100% on what choice to make. I love Aikido...I want to do it for the long haul. Just got to figure if this is a big enough sticking point to me or not.
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