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Cady Goldfield
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Cady, I would be lying if I said working moving intent does not also work structure as an integral part of it. But at the same time, the focus must be on moving intent, otherwise all one is doing is external "IMA". It's moving intent that creates all the weird effects on contact, that allows us to fall apart structurally but still effect people. The structure is not a requirement, so it does not seem a good idea to become terribly attached to it, especially because in the limit, it just gives you a sort of hard power that, while strong, is still going to become undone by soft power. Structure stagnates, intent moves.
Well, it's not good to be terribly attached to any of the components of IP; yet, we have to be aware of them and acknowledge them, and let them become part of us, before we can build on them and move to the next level. My original post and intention was to parse out the steps and stages of building IP, and for me, it began with building the structure. That was 15 years ago. Today I still work on structure, but I am using it for all sorts of things, particularly to generate enormous power while maintaining a stable, relaxed body.

Maybe your definition of structure is different from mine.
Intent is the driver of everything, of course; it is what initiates structure and holds it/you together, so you can "move on" to use it for the next phase.

My suggestion is that we have this discussion again in five years. These are exciting times.
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