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Re: The Way of Aiki

Yeah, definitely don't get too hung up on structure or suspension or push tests other than some specific table stakes you need to build some bank in before you can do other things. Of course, how you do them may also define or limit the other things you can then do later, blah blah blah.

I'll say it again - there's basically how you train yourself to manage the effect of gravity pulling you down and the ground pushing you up in yourself and anyone that touches you, there's how you condition your body to be connected from the insides and convey not only the ground/gravity powers but move as a single unit with softness and solidity as needed, then there's how you strengthen the combination and expression and of all of those things into single points or movements - which gets sometimes into the seemingly esoteric stuffs but is actually fairly practical, but requires that sufficient time is spent doing the basic antecedents (which virtually none of us do).

Easy, now go train with people either doing it or ignore it or make up your own silliness.
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