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Re: does nikyo hurt?

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Dragging uke towards me (or in any direction) is never part of my repertoire so very much a YMMV issue!
OMG, Janet. You have to promise me you will try this one. It''s delightful. You would apply this as a henka the next time you go for nikkyo and don't quite have it. If uke is giving you resistance to the drive toward the ground, you can switch your grip and draw him in, cutting with downward pressure against the wrist, as you back up as many steps as is practical.

The hand you're holding their hand with stays the same. The key is to rake the top of their forearm (really, the bottom of their forearm, which is turned upward at that point) with the bottom edge of your's, (toward you) instead of grasping their wrist. You know the lightning bolts you get from yonka jo? Uke will follow you to Japan, trying to get ahead of this one. Sorry I don't have a good .gif to offer. If you practice it once, you will figure it out.

You know who would like this? Marie Noelle.
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