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I think there is a danger in equating IP with alignment and structure.
Lee, where was it said that IP is alignment and structure? Someone asked how you start. I pointed out that IP and an aiki body -start- with alignment in structure (which, btw is -not- the same thing as "frame" and there's a tendency to conflate structure with frame); i.e., it is one component. Learning to align the joints and create a path for force to travel, is Square One in beginning training but there is more to it than meets the eye. This structure is not just standing with the joints aligned, but a number of subtle tensions at different points of the body that provide the base conditions for power generation; however, they are not in themselves generators -- only the potential for it. They prepare and set up the body for what comes next:

All of the things you're talking about arise from adding other principles of body manipulation to create the six-directional force you're referring to. That's the up-down, back-forward, side-side dynamic tension that is the next layer of work added to the alignment practice. You're working to create what the Chinese systems call "peng" force. Hooold yer horses. We ain't there yet.

We keep getting stalled out because it's a complex subject, and too easy to layer on everything in a heap. If we parse it out step by step, it might be easier for people to follow the path (get a basic understanding of the concept) than if there's a jumble of signs and flashing traffic lights.
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