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So, there seem to be lots of descriptions of how to do stuff but it is all in the context of Taichi or other non-Japanese arts. What I am into or after is to explain it in terms of Aikido and stuff more closer to what we normally do. I too have trained elsewhere but when I do Aikido I don't want to do something else, if you know what I mean.
much of the internal stuffs aren't about taichi or hsingi or joe-bob arts. it's about training the foundational body skills. the analogy is that the internal skills equate to water and the arts are containers. water will fit into whatever containers you put it in. If you got a chance to see Hiroshi Ikeda sensei, then you will see how it's done in aikido container. Ikeda mentioned that the internal stuffs are the aikido techniques whereas the waza like shihonage, ikkyo, and so on are aikido movements. you need the techniques to make the movement work. btw, if you got a chance to play with Ikeda sensei, you might want to ask him to slow it down to half speed or slower, in order to feel what going on. otherwise, you will hit the floor and don't know how you get there when he goes full speed.

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