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Krystal Locke
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Re: Dowel Rod ----> Jo?

If you go with oiling up curtain rods, choose your oil well. This one time.... really, I thought a good dose of lemon oil would help my jo and make it smell nice, because that's important, right? I might as well have slathered my jo with tiger balm, ben gay, napalm, hot lava, antartica, a witch's tit, and the insides of a couple medium sized suns. Apparently, a tiny bit of lemon oil would add some bite to a homemade jow....

Zoe Toth wrote: View Post
Hey folks,

Alright maybe I'm too much of a DIYer but as I keep having to explain to the college kids that we don't have enough jos for the whole club to practice (huge freshman group this year) I keep thinking about dowel rods.

I's a stick.

So I am asking for help because I have no clue about wood working/ weapons/ whatever.

By my guess:

1) Figure out how tall I would need it. 5"?
2) Carve off edges?
3) Oil

Any help/ suggestions would be great.
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