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I think there are 'tricks' which can be used (e.g. a dummy punch) - to great effect sometimes - however to me aikido has something deeper; it is about truth, and about what is happening here and now. Thus alot of our training revolves around why we would use one technique in a situation rather than another (usually depending on ukes reaction), and to be able to change technique to respond directly to their action. Any 'strategy' can be beaten once the person realises what this is and can work a 'counter-strategy'. However if we are really in tune with our opponent we 'fill their gaps' and respond to whats happening NOW and not what we expect or hope to happen. A sensei I know says 'don't think of the past or the future' the technique is whats happening now.

Saying this, one reason we practise aikido, is for the future (self-defense). Strategies are 'useful' in that they illustrate principles of battle, but they should not be depended on.


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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