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Re: The Way of Aiki

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
Its false but also happened to you personally. I rest my case.
I am not sure why you quoted me out of context, or why you chose to truncate my statement. Adding back in the colon and points, the entire comment:
Speaking from personal experience, I was asked not to discuss the material because:
1. I am not competent to explain it.
2. A significant component of the curriculum is physical feedback that cannot be adequately expressed verbally or technically.
Taken within context, what I was saying is that your derogatory comment about the purpose behind a general abstinence from explaining aiki as it is shared by another instructor was false, either intentionally or through ignorance. Changing what I wrote is simply a continuation of that derogation. I understand that my personal experience contradicts your claim. I understand you have a belief system based upon your claim, and that belief is challenged by my personal experience.

Since I was quoted, I am going to assume the remainder of that post was read about generalizing this behavior and the prejudice that seems to be focused against IP. I would have the same comments if I attended a seminar with any instructor who shared information above my pay grade. I am not sure why the target is IP. Why not torifune? That's a stupid solo exercise that is breathing and intent and movement. Why not ki exercises? Misogi? Tenkan undo? Somewhere in all of this is a is a couch question that is going to expose what is the real issue with IP training. Then we all hug it out and use a box of Kleenex.

In the meantime, critique what I say but please do not change it. These forums are here forever and I am not fond of the thought in 10 years I will eat crow over something that was misquoted. I'm sure I will say plenty of stupid things between now and then for which I will be sufficiently embarrassed.

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